ACE issues statement on EU biodiversity strategy


ACE welcomes European Commission President von der Leyen and the Council of the EU’s support for increasing the global ambition for biodiversity and endorsing the “Leaders’ Pledge for Nature” at the UN Summit on Biodiversity on Monday 28 September.  The beverage carton industry is dedicated to preserving biodiversity, committing to only source wood fibre from sustainably managed forests.[1]

Biodiversity supports healthy and resilient ecosystems, keeps the climate in balance, provides essential resources for communities and a stable supply of raw materials for our industry. Global support is essential to help reverse the effects of climate change and restore and maintain nature.

While supporting global initiatives that put biodiversity, climate and environment at the centre of national and international cooperation, we cannot forget that there is work to be done at EU level.

“We are delighted to see action on biodiversity taken seriously at a global level,” said Annick Carpentier, Director General. “In most parts of Europe, sustainable forest management already guarantees sound biodiversity. However, there is still action to be considered as policy makers develop the EU Forestry Strategy.”

ACE is committed to:

  • Promoting the use of credible sustainable forest management standards, which are instrumental to support the protection of biodiversity, and continuing to demonstrate full traceability of all wood supply to certified sustainably managed forests.
  • Ensuring transparency and credible traceability of wood fibre flow by third party chain of custody certification, from carton to forest.
  • Ensuring responsible sourcing for all materials, not just wood fibre, demonstrated by third-party certification, credible sustainability standards as the basis for preservation of biodiversity and showing industry leadership.
  • Supporting the development of a coherent and growth-oriented EU Forest Strategy which links and recognises biodiversity management and decarbonization, fills knowledge gaps to keep the industry competitive, sets biodiversity targets and ensures Member States meet these targets. ACE calls on the Commission to include such measures in the aforementioned Strategy.

The use of internationally recognised sustainable forest management certification systems is crucial for sustaining biodiversity and minimising future loss. ACE applauds those MEPs who have recently called on the Commission to promote sustainable forest management and biodiversity through a non-binding Parliament resolution. We find this support essential as the EU begins to build its Forest Strategy.

[1] ACE: A commitment to wood traceability


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