What’s Behind Beverage Cartons?

Beverage Carton Facts and Figures*

Their employees help contribute to an estimated 44 billion beverage cartons being sold.

The industry uses roughly 95% of renewable energy for the production of beverage cartons.

Beverage cartons are made from sustainably sourced fibres (100% Chain of Custody)

~59% of juice and ~75% of milk is packed in beverage cartons in Europe.

*Data (2023) comes from member internal resources and are Europe specific.

Less transport

The great packaging efficiency of beverage cartons also takes trucks off the road, since more can be transported in one go.

(See the report Supporting evidence- environmental performance of beverage cartons).

Less carbon

The beverage carton has a lower carbon footprint in comparison to other alternative packaging for the same functionality.

While they are similarly as good as reusable glass bottles, they save on average:

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