The Gimo Recommendations


ACE, the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment together with UN Environmental Programme, WWF and Valuing Nature, gathered a multi-disciplinary group of international experts in forestry, ecosystem science and life cycle assessment.

A 3-day workshop, held from the 1st to 3rd of October 2018 in Gimo Herrgard, Sweden, was dedicated to discussing how life cycle assessment (LCA) can better address land use impacts on biodiversity. Discussions were supported by a local forest visit to study responsible forest management.

Good discussions and joint efforts by all participants resulted in developing the Gimo Recommendations, setting out aspects for consideration to achieve the general objective:

Life Cycle information addressing biodiversity should drive decisions across the value chain that restore and protect biodiversity related outcomes including the ones for which society has already set targets as in the SDGs, Science Based Targets (SBTs), etc.

Aspects covered in the Gimo Recommendations include:

  • Selection of an appropriate reference situation;
  • Appropriate spatial granularity for addressing forest land;
  • Ideas to providing better data and information for decision support.

Gimo Recommendations can be found here.