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Resources Unlimited Conference

On this page you will find all the information available on the ACE/WWF Conference on Resource Efficiency held in October 2011. Above, you will find the conference report, which includes key input and central messages from our distinguished speakers; press release, the videos which documents important sections of all 4 sessions as well as photo galleries from the day itself.

ACE intends this page to be a key reference point for all stakeholders on the conference and the resource efficiency agenda.

Accelerating human consumption of natural resources lies at the root of many of our global environmental challenges. How can we develop solutions that will move us towards a more resource-efficient way of living, working and producing?

When Commission President Barroso addressed the European Parliament in September 2010, he reminded his audience that the phenomenal increase in wealth and wellbeing the 20th century has witnessed came with a dramatic increase in resource use: 9 times in water use; 16 times in fossil fuel use; and in fish catches 35 times. While the world's population grew 4 times, industrial output grew 40 times and carbon emissions increased 17 times. At the same time, the number of planets has not increased; we have just 1. He concluded that the time had come to develop an agenda of greener growth; to create a resource-efficient and competitive economy with a modernised industrial base, and to respect the ecological boundaries of Planet Earth.

Against this backdrop, WWF and ACE, on the occasion of OECD's and WWF's 50th birthday, decided to convene a conference on the efficient use of resources and greening the European economy. Held in Brussels on 11 October, the conference was timely, coming as it did just a few weeks after the European Commission published its ground-breaking Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe.

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Session 1 Barriers and opportunities to resource efficiency: How to align our demands with how much capital Nature offers?
Session 2 Natural resources and land use: Matching growing demand with limited resources – what are the solutions?
Session 3 Sustainable consumption: Changing behaviour to live within the planet’s boundaries?
Concluding panel Are we really moving to a resource-efficient economy'?