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FCM regulation in the EU is not fully harmonised. Some rules are set at EU level, while others are determined by individual Member States. On top of this, industry has developed additional standards for food and product safety. 

ACE and FPE (Flexible Packaging Europe) position on the need for harmonised EU legislation on Food Contact Materials 

Recommendations on the Commission’s next steps:
   - Ensure a level playing field for FCMs in general, regardless of their origin; 
   - Enhance the available scientific fact base so that increasingly refined questions concerning consumer 
     protection can be answered adequately and with relevant information about food consumption, the use 
     of food contact materials and the substances used in manufacturing them;
   - Set a simpler and fully harmonised regulatory framework providing economic actors with more flexibility
     in employing various tools in ensuring food contact safety and compliance.

The Beverage Carton industry adheres to a wide range of rules and regulations to ensure full legal compliance for its products. ACE members support EU-level harmonisation on FCM legislation, which – amongst other benefits – would ensure a level playing field for FCMs.